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Woman of Excellence: Che

Living, Moving and Being
from the studio to the stage with a park visit in between.
 A special round of applause for our October Woman of Excellence, Che Adams, a 29 year old mother, flamenco soloist, teacher and dance studio owner at Tierra Flamenca Dance Studio & Company.  She’s been an integral part of our journey and one of our very first customers. I’ve also had the privilege of dancing with Che for the last 7 years. On stage, she brings a fiery boldness for an enthralling performance. Off stage, she loves deeply and lives freely. This combination makes her the ideal Woman of Excellence we are inspired by and want to share with you. We talk to Che about life as a dance teacher and mother and how it shapes her personal style. 

Why did you choose dance as a career path?
 I always envisioned myself doing something that I love and am deeply passionate about as a career, and something creative. And that's exactly what flamenco became for me. I keep choosing it because I am still passionate about the art form, and because I love sharing that passion and knowledge with others.
Image by: @marnhegrovefoto

What are your favourite past-times?

 I enjoy being outdoors as much and as often as possible. Nature resets and reinvigorates me. 
What's a day in your life like?
 I wake up, or rather, I get woken up by my 4-year old daughter. Once we're all dressed and ready for the day, I start to set up and prepare for my teaching day. I usually teach about 3 or 4 classes in the morning to early afternoon. Once I finish my classes, I spend some time on choreography or admin work that needs to be done. Thereafter, I take a late lunch break thereafter and spend some time with my daughter. In the late afternoons/evenings, I teach a few more classes, or if it's that time, get ready for a performance!
Has being a mother affected your personal style? If yes, how?
 Initially, my personal style was definitely informed and influenced by being a mother. I had to dress according to what would be comfortable, what I could easily breastfeed in, what wouldn't get dirty easily, and what was generally practical. Now that my daughter is slightly older, I feel like I am able to combine my 'previous' self and style with my 'mom' looks and find a happy medium.
 Share a life lesson from dance that you feel anyone can apply.
 Being vulnerable is the strongest thing you can be, and it's contagious. Being able to show yourself and others your true self, and really experience that, is exceptionally powerful.
Describe your ideal wardrobe.
 Pretty summer dresses, Dr. Martens, sneakers, lots of black, comfortable clothing that I can teach/dance in and live in.
What are your favourite Theophilia items and why?
 I absolutely love my Bloom dress because it's so easy to dress up and down, and my black Everley jumpsuit - it's the perfect item to throw on when I have got lots to do and need to look and feel good doing it!
Recent Theophilia purchases or what are you planning to purchase next?
 I have had my eye on the Erin Shirt in stone - it is so beautiful! And I am so excited to see what Theophilia has coming out in summer. The dresses always make me feel so joyful!
On the horizon: Che is about to start working on a new Tierra Flamenca production, so exciting times are ahead! 
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Till next time
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