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Woman of Excellence: Bronte

Living, Moving and Being
one film set a time...
Lights, camera action! We set our scene in the beautiful Mother City where our Woman of Excellence, 28 year old Bronte Snell, lives a life of faith and fantastical moments as she navigates being a budding actress and woman on a journey of becoming all she was created to be. We asked her a few questions to get to know a bit more about her life and of course, her style.
How did you get into your career?
I had always wanted to be an actress and perform, it’s something I loved doing as a child. I happened, (by God’s design), to go away with a friend to a bible school in Robertson for a weekend. There, my future agent was sharing her testimony of how God was using her in the film industry. We connected and she signed me the Monday we got back to Cape Town!
What’s a day in your life like?
My days never look the same but, one constant is starting  with a good cup of coffee and soaking in some truth (Bible or worship). Most days, I’ll check my emails and get ready for an audition or casting. I’m constantly prepping for the next job or shooting a film or series. Learning lines or going to the gym are also frequent activities that form part of my day to day living. In between the craziness of my ever-changing schedule, coffee dates with colleagues and friends are essential to keep me grounded and dare I say it, keep me sane.
What has been your greatest challenge and greatest victory in your career?
My greatest challenge has been overcoming many forms of anxiety and fear in my career. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of man and anxiety regarding work. Trusting God and being dependent on him as my source for everything has been the only way out of it. He has been faithful, reminding me each time that He is the one that made me and designed me to do the things he put in my heart for his glory. I stand on Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
How do you find balance in your life?
Prioritizing the people and things that matter to me, allows my time and energy to go where it needs to. Resting is also something I’m learning to make more time for. In the busy world we live in, I find resting allows me to process what I’m going through. Not only does it give me a much needed reboot but, I have more capacity to give what is necessary to the people and tasks in my life. It also allows me to take a step back and see what God is doing in my life and this cultivates gratitude.
You're still in a season of your life where you're ‘building’ but, what are you building for?
My focus in life is seeing the people around me healed and flourishing. Leaving an impact of the lives of those around me is important and I do believe it causes a ripple effect. Whole and healthy people will bring healthy relationships, families and businesses; bringing the fruit of respect, honor and integrity. Though I must admit I am not living in it just yet but, I am building towards it. This is the foundation for any business venture, or production I undertake. In future, I ultimately want my children to know they are powerful and that they can make a difference in the world.
Describe your personal style in 3 words.
This is hard because I have so many different looks. Comfy, Whimsical and pretty but, with a hint  of “this chick looks dangerous”… like she might have a gun (laughing crying emoji).
Which 3 items in your closet serve you most in your daily life?
A comfy pair of blue jeans that hugs my body well. A peak cap or beanie to save a bad hair day (lies, I love hats even when my hair is doing good things :), My leather jacket is another faithful companion that I can grab anytime of the day.
Which are your favourite 3 Theophilia Collection items?
  • Bloom Dress - It’s so free when I’m in it I can spin and feel like a flower in the spring. (Also, squealing my usual ‘Wheeeeeeee’)
  • Bailey (Winter Sun) - It just hugs the female body and accentuates any body type
  • Everley - Comfort for the win.

 Recent Theophilia purchases or what are you planning to purchase next?
I’ve got my eye on the new collection. (I like the frilly pant and top in fawn)
Fun Facts about Bronte:
  • She recently starred in her first full feature film, Atlantis, which is the No.1 downloaded movies on eVOD.
  • Her name means 'thunder'.
  • Don't let the frills fool you, she enjoys a good adrenaline rush and is keen for some drag racing (Watch Atlantis to see her in action)
We absolutely love Bronte’s joyous and faith-filled approach to life and all she does. Her journey so far is a beautiful story of intentional living, shaking off the thoughts that used to hold you back and stepping into a life of passion fueled by purpose.
Follow Bronte on Instagram: @brontesnell
Till next time...
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