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Woman of Excellence: Erin

Living, Moving and Being with the Purpose, Passion and a little ‘Matilda’ inspiration
 Step aside Miss Honey, we’ve got a new teacher on the block.
Are you ready to be inspired by everyday women making a difference in their sphere of influence? Women who are bold and fearless in their pursuit of their goals and doing right by the world around them. These are women who definitely “know their place” (see what we did there?). They know that they belong at the forefront of change filled with courage and compassion. They know that their voices are powerful and valid to be heard in the places and spaces they step into. Their strength is in their joy and gentleness. They live honourably and love fiercely. They tear down walls of division and fear and plant gardens of hope and unity. Oh, and they do it in effortless style of course.
 In this new blog series, every month we highlight a woman doing the work of empowering, encouraging and affirming those around her in a way only she can. We style her in our timeless garments while getting to know the woman behind the garments. 
Meet our very first woman of excellence, Erin September, a 22 year old Foundation Phase teacher from Cape Town. Erin has been part of our journey from the very beginning so it was only fitting to start this exciting new series with her. 
Freedom Tshirt
 Why did you choose to be a teacher?
My passion for changing the world of tomorrow, today and doing that through the youth has always been dear to my heart especially in the phase I teach. Children are our future, but they need the best building blocks to make a positive impact and that is why I particularly chose Foundation Phase. It’s a time where children learn their value systems and how to be a holistic being within our ever-changing society. My inspiration came from Miss Honey in the film 'Matilda', her nurturing nature which is what I mimic in my own class.
 What are your hobbies/passions?
 I enjoy all things nature, whether it is taking a stroll on the beach or a hike up a mountain I feel most at peace when I am one with nature. It might sound weird, but I have a passion for studying and researching anything under the sun because I love intellectual conversations. In addition, community outreach is dear to my heart since a young age and working in an underprivileged school truly set the bar of how I want to impact communities in need. Lastly, I love baking and cooking and see it as an art form to take random ingredients and make a meal many can enjoy.
Freedom T-shirt Mustard and Jade Pant Denim
How do you remain steadfast and hopeful during good and bad times?
Trusting in The Lord wholeheartedly has really helped. Of course we're human and have our moments, and in these moments I have turned to my wellness coach (who is also spiritual which is a blessing!). I am then able to let out all of my negative thoughts and also relied on journaling and reading kingdom women books to motivate me in being a Proverbs 31 woman. I believe God has truly blessed me with increased strength but, I also know that without God I wouldn't be where I am today. His timing is everything.
Who is a person, male or female, who inspires you and why.
A person that inspires me is my partner; he has truly motivated me in always evolving and making myself better, for the better. He really pushes me to be the best version of myself. He has been there through the growth of a high school girl into a woman on fire for the Lord.
Describe your personal style in 3 words.
Chic, elegant and comfortable. 
Erin Shirt White
What is your approach to building your work wardrobe?
 As a teacher you are constantly moving around, thus the clothing items I choose needs to allow me to move around freely. I do however ensure that I always present myself smartly and comfortably.
How does Theophilia add value to your wardrobe?
 Theophilia garments remind me that I am supporting a woman's vision and her Godly mission which is truly inspiring. The garments are designed to make you move freely and comfortably which encompasses how I dress as a teacher.
Erin White Shirt and Jade Denim Pant
What are your favourite Theophilia items and why?
The Bailey co-ord midi skirt paired with the polo neck is effortless chic, the way it hugs your body with modesty and the elegance of the fabric is simply amazing. The pairing of the Stone Jade pants and Erin shirt is breathtaking, it screams a Spring/Summer night relaxing sunset beach walk along the French riviera, paired with your favourite white shoes and you're a-for-away. 
Bailey Midi Skirt Co-ord
Recently bought at Theophilia?
The Esther embroidered t-shirt and the Everley short sleeve in stone.
Erin is a true ray of sunshine (I mean have you seen her smile?). She carries herself with grace and humility while excelling in her career aaand she’s ultra stylish as well. We cannot wait to see the waves of change Miss Erin brings to the world of teaching.
Follow Erin on Instagram @erincrystalseptember @allthingsfoundationphase
Till next time
Love Theophilia

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